Anybody play it? A group play it? When? Arma 2 or 3?

Saw some footage on youtube, wondering if there is a playerbase for some realistic combat fun.

Both games are amazing and both have solid player bases even now.

Personally I prefer ArmA3 at this point though, especially with the new ACE mod. It’s worth it at full price and a no brainer purchase on sale.

ArmA 3 is free to play this weekend and on sale for 50% off. Enjoy!

One of my co-workers is going crazy about it… I should get you guys his Steam ID so maybe he’ll shut up about ArmA3 and actually work, lol

He gave me his steam ID: bmats

We’ve got a good handful of ArmA players here in ADI. ArmA 3 is my fav. Usually a few on mumble every weekend.