Argo mpuv 1p personnel

Anyone know if this ‘drop ship’ will fit inside other ships?

What is the point of a ‘drop ship’ without a quantum drive - unless it fits inside another ship…

From todays RSI specials:

The Ship specs:

It for sure can fit on the Idris and the Javelin. Not sure about smaller ships.

It’s very likely that it’ll fit in the 890 and Hercules Starlifter too. Last I checked it can be spawned at outposts with ground vehicle pads too.

Not really a drop ship anyway, more for industrial use or moving personnel around “civilized” areas like cities or large stations.

As for what it will fit in, height is an issue.Taller and wider than an Ursa, if that helps.

Would there be a reason to use this rather than the new Pieces as a drop ship?

ARGO will be modular for transferring cargo from orbiting ships like the Hull series that can’t come into atmo. It also has a module for bringing crew members up. It may fit into more ships but gameplay with it right now is null. It will probably be cheap to buy in game once it comes out like a cyclone is. Between the two I would get a Pisces.

i see it’s place more as surface to station or carrier shuttle.