Arena Commander Multiplayer Access

Anyone have multiplayer yet?

Negative. I’m kinda curious what everyones’ UEE number is, though. Mine is an awesomely even number, 34400

Mine is 275638, can’t wait !


they are currently at 2,477, and with a hint to up that number after the weekend.

Uee Citizen Record #145124

#267787…and ready.

24,672. Bitches. :smiley: But I need a computer thatll run it without melting. In a process of doing that… :smiley:

89 542

213 801 :confused:


UEE Citizen Record #486391 hehehehe

Got my multiplayer invite today.

Give em hell.

How? Did you apply or something?

Got mine also today

No longer relevant.

Ah…okay thanks!

I got invited into it. Though am not going to be partaking until my HOTAS arrives, don’t want people to remember my IGN and think ‘oh noobie’