Arena Commander Issues

Hello ADI!!
I’ve been having some weird issues in Arena Commander and no luck in the Roberts Space Industries forums. I have received my new fight sticks and am relearning the art of flying. I’ve gotten the controls set up where I like them and wanted to start getting in some combat practice and work on my flying. So off I go, to jump into Arena Commander. In the past I have not had much luck with single player pirates swarm or the other option. The enemy would not fight back and simply sat there to be crushed. I did not think much of it because we are in Alpha after all and figured the game was just being squirrelly. I have attempted to enter multiplayer pirate swarm and the death match and the follow has happened over the course of the last few days. Beginning a few days ago, my flight controls worked for a about 15- 30 seconds and then my ship would begin flying in reverse at max speed towards the game barrier until I exploded. This is literally like I was being tractor beamed into the barrier. The only way to accelerate into positive thrust numbers was to turn my ship around and drive straight at the barrier and then of course I would accelerate into positive thrust numbers. During this time I could not see or scan any of the pirate ships in swarm or other players in Battle Royal. This happened a couple days in a row and after some forum posts to no avail, I stripped the game and launcher from my computer and re-downloaded the launcher and reinstalled the launcher and then the game. Exact same thing happened last night once again after I got everything reloaded and set up. I entered a multiplayer swarm game and my ship would not control at all. The pirates found me and blew me up. On respawn I had control of my ship for about 20 seconds and then lost control again. I was destroyed by a pirate I could neither see nor target with my ship. I died too quickly to tell if I was being dragged into the barrier. I jumped into Battle Royal and same issue happened. I was destroyed with no flight control and I could not see or target the other players. Any thoughts??

To me that sounds like a bug related to your setup and controls, possibly. Have you tried disconnecting everything and playing mouse and keyboard for a while to see if the problem happens then?

The closest thing I’ve encountered to that was landing for repairs at a cryastro station. As soon as I clicked confirm repairs my ship would literally slide forward along the landing pad at ~10m/s even though I had the throttle zeroed. For me it is a hardware issue when this happens. My hotas has a throttle adjust on it an if those aren’t zeroed I get the “tractor beam” while landed issue. Maybe it’s something similar in your case.

good ideas guys Ill try it out. It was also mentioned to try a different ship which never occurred to me as well. Ill try switch peripherals and then switching ships and then I can at east nail down the cause. It is just weird that this would be an issue in one portion of the game but not in another. Arena Commander versus PU. Ill give it all a try, thanks guys.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddd it just took care of itself…so yeah. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: Im all set now.