ArcCorp is open for pedestrian traffic and it looks good!

Love the posters, there’s a “Keep Calm and Carry Arms” one on Cubby Blast, thought that was funny.

Also check out Nyx: landing sequence, probably on autopilot but still impressive.

I finished the download last night and I definitely agree, the Landing Zone in the Social Module is pretty great. I explored the area pretty thoroughly and loved the “city” feel where you have corporate buildings with huge signs and billboards but also dingy trash strewn back alleys. Once they get NPC’s in-game it will feel even more like a metropolis style cityscape.

The Nyx landing sequence video is awesome. The tunnel passages looked fantastic and just claustrophobic enough to feel like they are tunneled out of an asteroid.

Can’t wait to see more like this which goes a long way to getting SM and Multicrew together which fleshes out the PU development.

I personally feel that a logo should only be available on larger ships.

I really liked to walk around. I wish we’d had an opportunity to join or invite a friend to same instance. I know it will be available in the future though…

Am looking forwards to being invited to other’s hangers and seeing all their shiny ships I can’t afford.

I promise not to drool on everything!

Yeah, that will be a great addition when you can follow someone to their turbolift and walk around checking out the contents of other peoples hangars.

Visiting other hangars will be even more awesome as there are more hangar ready ships I want to see as well. :smiley: