Arc Planet is not visible

I have gone to the Arc Planet twice both times planet was not visible and of course I was out of jump fuel which leaves me stranded and have to exit the game and restart. Is this a glitch or what because it takes a long time to get there and is a real bummer when it is not visible when I arrive. Thank You

Hey Zman, currently the only planets in the P(T)U Hurston, Delamar(which is technically an asteroid), and the moons Cellin, Yela, and Daymar around Crusader. Arc Corp, and Microtech are both not in game yet.

LOL ok that explains that thank you for info I will not try going there anymore I was wondering what the deal was.

No problem. Arccorp will be out soon enough, I think it is on the road map for … 3.5?

Zman, what were you driving that left you on empty after only one jump?

I was out jumping around in my mustang should of been in my Freelancer lol

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  • ArcCorp is currently “planned for 3.5”
  • There’s no news (yet) on adding MicroTech.
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