my name is Aqwers. I am 26 years old and live in Germany. My friend Kolang showed me Star Citizen in 2015 and finaly told me about ADI. I like the rule #3 “Real life comes first”. In other games and guilds they often told me to be online every second day or get kicked. I am glad that it is different here.
Currently my favorite games are Star Citizen, GTA Online, Rocket League, Payday2 and Minecraft

See you in the Verse

Welcome Aqwers!

Did you fill out your application form?

Welcome Aqwers!

Glad to have you on the squad. Used to live over in Belgium myself, but am back on the east coast of the US now. Judging by your favorite games you’ll fit in great around here.

Looking forward to seeing you in the verse!



Happy to hook up in Rocket League on a US server :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to have another in-person referral join us, see you in the verse!

Welcome Aqwers,

I love the family first rule as well. I too have been a part of hardcore guilds, especially in vanilla WoW days. There was immense pressure to play 25+ hours a week, which at the time was unreasonable. I think ADI is a promising community based on its rules, friendly community, and structure. I am glad you could join us. I hope to get to know you better in the days to come. All the best

Hi Aqwers - I’m with you on real life comes first. I’ve got a young child + fiance + job so my gaming time is limited. You’ll fit in great here!

Hola Aqwers!

Glad to see that ADI appealed to you :smiley: ADI’s rule of “Real Life Comes First” was part of the appeal too me when I was in college and joined…I have not looked back. It’s a fun org to be a part of with structure and a competitive play style, and yet everyone is conscious of real life demands. I could not have asked for a better group to be a part of.

You have some good taste in games. I wish I could play more variety these days but I am only have the time to enjoy and get good at one or two at a time these days. I’ll see you around and again, welcome!

Hi Aqwers,

welcome to the org. I know how complicated things could be, if you are in different shifts on the work or during the night.

Maybe we could arrange a small Adi BarCitizen in “Nord-Hessen” or “Süd-Niedersachsen”

see you in the verse


Welcome Aqwers! How do you pronunce that? Like awkward? Very interesting. Awesome that Kolang brings in so many Star Citizen fans. Looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI!

Theres not much sense in forcing someone to be online. Eventually you’ll just kill their love for the game. Glad to have you with us!