Applicant ThePinDrop standing by...

Hello there,
Brand new citizen here, can’t wait to dip my toes in this universe and find out where I’ll belong!

Welcome to ADI ThePinDrop we have a great group to play with and with Mining just getting into the game you should have a lot of fun.


Welcome to ADI ThePinDrop,

What aspects of gameplay are you interested in? looking forward to seeing you in the verse.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries and to the verse ThePinDrop!

Looks like you are going into the mining side of things? Have you had a chance to checkout the Prospector and do some mining yet?

Hi, PinDrop. Welcome to ADI.

I know you indicated you’re looking to find your niche, but have you looked at the Star Citizen Careers yet to get a feel for what you might want to consider? … -And-Roles

Thanks for the welcome everyone. I have not had a chance to try out any ships other than my discount Aurora LX, but I’m eager to get on and try more out. As for mining, I again haven’t had the chance to do much in-game as of yet except fly around a bit. I enjoy supporting roles typically, firefights aren’t my specialty but if the game turns out well I may pick up a HOTAS and shore up my dogfighting. Until then, repair or medical seems like it would fit me, and I’ve always enjoyed mining/salvage type operations. Still learning what the game will have to offer in order to choose, but I do like to be useful, so if there’s a role that ADI is missing I’m more than willing to step in!