Anyone wanna teach me to fly?

Hey guys,

Just got my first flight setup two days ago, a Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X.
I’ve been trying my luck at BMS but let’s face it I suck haha.
Anyone have some spare time to hop onto TS and help a guy out, would be appreciated! Just let me know when.

Thanks guys!

Furii out

We do have others that regularly fly, or used to. Get on teamspeak and ask. Someone that is online may pull you into BMS or any other game and teach you some tips/tricks.

I’ve been looking for somebody for awile - Haven’t caught luck, would you like to face trial and error together? lol

Yeah man sure! I’ll jump on TS now…

Yeah Lance is the only one I have, so confusing though :confused:

If you want me to help just let me know.