Anyone Play Star Citizen anymore?

took a break for quite a while and hopped on mumble today to find not a single person.

Just caught us before people started to wake up :slight_smile: I see ~30 people on mumble right now.

Just got a computer so i’ll be around on it.

It seems like most evenings there are 8-10 people on at least, more on the weekends. There should be plenty of people to play with and even more once patches come out near the end of each quarter.

Not really! Haven’t logged into the game in over a six months now. :astonished:
Guess once CIG has something to really offer that I find interesting I’ll get back into it

3.2 came out on 30 June.

3.2 added mining. Mining turned out to require a fair level of skill unlike buying/selling at a kiosk for cargo.

Nope, not enough there.
PS. Is ADI on Discord as well?

Yes, ADI has a Discord for text chat. Someone on Staff can get you hooked up.
And agreed on not quite enough there.

I knew I was signing on for the long haul with this one. The game will continue being developed and one day, “poof”, we’ll have a game, one to play for years. And the playerbase will only keep growing. There was a time a couple years back when I thought I had jumped the gun with backing the game and joining the org, but there’s nothing wrong with patiently waiting.

I hear ya.
I have no regrets at all with my purchase. I only first bought a Mustang package 5 yrs ago and then one upgrade to the Avenger, so it’s a less then a tank of gas investment for me.
My money has been well spent so far with the excitement of watching this awesome game develop, great dev content and making new friends in an Org.

That one reason alone has made my money and time investment worth it. The great dev content and making new friends in an org were the whipped cream and cherry.

Come join us for Monthly Missions!! This Saturday.

I’d love to join the fun in Monthly Missions. Been a while since I checked out stuff in Star Citizen. Will you announce the next one too, CrueOndanet?

We’ll probably run them the first Saturday in November from 12-8pm Central time - IF, 3.3 has gone to PU.

In the meantime, you’ll want to complete your onboarding and become a member.

I’ve only recently returned as well in the last week and I see alot of people talking about events in the game, the changes, and i’ve even met afew randomly when flying around in the Universe. So there are people who do still play this and now ADI is running missions and training certificates for people to acclimate to the new features and to hone their skills. I’d recommend dropping by the discord and mumble to find people even if the hours are odd.

My old graphic card became too weak to play so I didn’t play last year. Recently I finally bought powerful enough - GeForce RTX 2070. Now I’m playing from time to time. For me it’s not much to do as I’m owner of aurora only with no perspective to buy a better ship in game. I will be more active as Star Citizen evolve.

Keep in mind, 3.5 is about to release so there are less people currently in the Verse. In addition, there is a freeze on Certification and Org Operations until some time after 3.5 is released to general servers.

We have people working as groups on mumble every night. You can fly as crew, or work on missions where the type of ship isn’t an issue.

In addition to what @JayC pointed out. You can always borrow a ship too. I can say generally that your odds are good that any ADI player in-game, not otherwise busy in an op, would likely be willing to loan you a ship to play with. I myself have four ships plus the ship of the month available to me (2 cargo, 2 fighters & a prospector) and I can only pilot one at a time. Don’t be shy. Join in on the mumble channel and ask if you can borrow a ship to do “------” or if you can borrow a “------”. I’ll bet there’ll be a couple players willing to loan you a ship. We’re all one family and we’re mature enough to share our toys.

I’m working A lot recently and too tired once I’ve been in. But I should be more active at weekends plus once works settled down I should be able to get on more in the week. Loving the game though.


Yes I was thinking about that, but this is not as that simple. Most people play when I going to sleep. When I joined last time there was one person on Mumble. More people shown up later on (and create a party), but for me it was too late. I hope I could join a party one day.

Technically speaking: to lend me a ship, someone must spawn it and I must steal it. I can fly it as long as it is not destroyed or despawned. Dying in most cases will be cause of another request of spawn a ship. Right now I dying or stucking somewhere very often because of bugs.

One question: do I have access to a borrowed (stolen) ship in trading console after landing at spaceport?

Anyway thank you for your support.