Anyone learning Xi'an?

Hi everyone, seems like the alien races and languages are going to be quite detailed. I could lead to some interesting missions, hidden locations, artefacts and discoveries.
Is anyone trying to learn any? The Xi’an in particular.

I’m interested so will start dabbling in the guides.

Was thinking about it but i’m not too sure where to start exactly. Was sort of interested in Tevarin as well.

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Hey, I’ve not looked at tevarian but will glance at some point this week. I’ve created a folder and have plan but I’m struggling for time to fit it in. I’ll keep plodding on though

since the start of the alien week i’ve been hardcore trying to learn Xi’an basics/gramatics. There are things I still don’t know, there are many things that i know. So if you’d have any questions, just shoot them hehe.

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