Anyone going to PAX East?

Pax east CIG Party … -CIG-Party
1011 as of this posting.

I was considering it. My wife is away but i don’t have anyone to go with…didn’t want to be mulling about alone getting hammered in Boston :confused:

I wish I could…

I havn’t gone to a Pax East since 2011… I really badly want to go I live 2 1/2 hours away !

i am going

hey rush how would you be getting to there if you went? I actually just want to go to the cig party =D

Probably driving or Amtrak. I would have to see where the station is in relation to the even location.

I’ll be there with another SC backer friend.

Amtrak will pull into south station, about a 15 minute walk to the Royale.

Im trying to go just dont want to travel alone…Plus ill have to buy pax east tickets off hubub…There about 150 each person for two days atm…I can drive also just dont want to travel alone for 2 hours lol…Plus renting a room is probably about 100 for one night if i can get a room at this time…Ill keep yall posted if my friend decides to go…

where are you coming from gladestone?

north nj close to nyc

Wow, online tickets are sold out!

they sold out like 4 weeks ago

Can buy in stub hub might pay a tad more but can still buy them

I have a Saturday only ticket available. All yours if you just want to be there for the CIG event day.

Both Menace and myself will be going to the CIG party. Most likely driving there from Pawtucket if I can get parking close. If not we will take the train but with all the snow I’m not sure I want to walk or wait for the train.

We should coordinate a place to meet or contact point so we can all meet up while we are there. Always good to put faces to the voices

Hey everyone… i’m a new recruit, spoke to JayC, Hype and Jad yesterday… so, glad to be on board and looking forward to learning more about the game.

I was just spending lunch browsing around the forums and found this post. First i had no idea this was going on March 7th right here in boston. But better yet, at Royale. Royale Night Club is one of my clients. So i get hooked up there all the time for concerts or whatever i need. As a matter of fact, we are embroidering all their Security shirts and beanies for the doormen this week LOL.

So, moral of the story, if anyone wants to go i can probably hook something up. And i’m definately going to look into being there. So if you are coming, it would be awesome to meet up. let me know

Ill be there as well. Doing the three day deal. I’m game to meet up with anyone at the party.

Anyone who is going to the cig party that wants to meet up send me a pm and we will exchange contact information and I’ll coordinate meeting up at the event. Share the word with other community members who may not know of this post

Update good news might be able to go on sat, i think the event is sat, not sure what time, we are driving up for one day.Other than that it wouldve been like 400 bucks…How ever just sat is 100 this i can do…So me an bear are driving up on sat morning…Hope to see you guys at the star citizen event…