Anyone else play Rainbow 6 Siege?


Hey yall, anyone want to play some cas r6?

hmu @ Gl1tch14


Sorry dude, i tried the tutorial and found it wasn’t for me. I still rock The Division though; looking forward to D2’s beta.


true, thats too bad. it’s the only pick up game i play regularly these days


Yes but very rarely due to the bad experiences with the online team functions might return to it with an ADI team though in future :slight_smile:


I’ll play some siege with ya. been playing nothing but star citizen to the total exclusion of arma3, EFT, siege, empyrion, miscreated, pubg, counterstrike, rocketleague, and everything else lol I’ll get at ya when I get home


nice, look forward to it guys


I play, but indeed the team experience is poor. I am in for some raid though.


add me Gl1tch14 we can play some casual and see if we can build a team to play ranked.