Any Warframe Fans?

I fell into Warframe for free on Steam and I’m hooked ( for now ). Really this game is a ton of “Space Ninja” fun!
[url]Warframe on Steam
I was wondering if we had any ADI Warframe folks who would like to Mumble up and do some Void runs?
Right now I’m running the Nyx frame, Mastery level 6. Also I have a killer Volt & Oberon frame if needed.
I’m playing most evenings from about 6:00 to 10:00 EST, and you can find in game as “themark38”.
Get Clem! :mrgreen:

I used to play… might restart if there a few of us.

Warframe fan right here :smiley:

Nice, is this your username in Warframe also - souldefiler?

Haven’t played in a while and can not recover my account haha, new one is soul_defiler

Sorry to hear you can’t use your old account, I’ll get you added and maybe we can do some runs together and get you leveled back up fast - thanks to hit point sharing on teams. :wink:

Sounds good to me!

I have an Alpha account I still own. I use to log in to get daily credit but have not even logged in for at least a year. Though I logged in I did not play after the reset of Alpha.

Well in just the last 2 weeks they’ve added some major content, including the U18 update with “The Second Dream”, one of the biggest add-ons they’ve ever done they say, and I must admit it IS indeed some neat stuff. You may want to jump back in it for a while if you’ve not much else going on right now. I’ll be playing for at least a few more weeks; at least until Star Citizen 2.0 gets some more networking & client bugs worked out. :wink: