Any input on the P-52 Merlin?

I can already see myself getting addicted to buying new ships in this game, but wanted to start small (for my wallet’s sake mostly). I saw the P-52 Merlin for only $20, and watched a few gameplay videos of it. Looks like a really fun short range ship to fly, and also liked that it can eventually be parked in larger ships. Anyone have one? Any thoughts? Would it be a fun addition to my hanger?

Well its a snub fighter, that is dependent on its mothership (in the PU)… so, if you were to take into 2.0 today… you really couldn’t leave the starting area as it has no QD (Quantum Drive) and no Jump Drive…

That being said, I don’t know if I would buy one unless other ships are created that don’t come with it… Lets say a Carrier style ship becomes available that can house 4 fighters, but comes with none.

Example; The Constellation comes with the Merlin as a support craft… having a Merlin capable fighter pilot would be great for the Exploration group… I know I would like one when I am out tooling around in my Connie… as would some decent gunners (but thats for another post).

Short and sweet… build up some Rec and rent one… try it out… but I don’t think I’d buy one… really because it can’t travel outside of the area its in without a carrier/homeship.

Just my two cents… I could be wrong :slight_smile:

would agree with johnny ,fun ship, but needs the mothership

Great thanks guys, I was originally considering it before 2.0 came out as a fun ship for Arena Commander. Appreciate the input!