Another mumble issue..

So i have been usingmumble with no issue sincei joined adi but now when i try to connect it just keeps giving me the do you want certificate yes or no window. When i click ues it just pops up again and with no it disconnects… ive tried to put a 1 after my name but that doesnt seem to fix it. Any suggestions?

What version of mumble are you running?

version 1.2.16

Try uninstalling and upgrading to 1.3.0 beta

I tried, no luck. This is the error:

What host name are you using to connect to mumble? Make sure it’s and try again… if you get that error message again just click Yes.

We have a valid SSL certificate so you shouldn’t be getting this error, but it won’t hurt anything to click Yes.

Also check the date and time of your system, it could cause issues if it’s too far off. Not having issues browsing HTTPS websites?

I am using the proper host name and my time is set correctly… here is a more detailed gif of my issue

This is a mostly uneducated guess, but: find where Mumble is installed, look for your certificate, and delete it - delete the entire folder. If that doesn’t work, uninstall Mumble, and make sure all the files are deleted - the entire folder should be gone. Maybe something’s corrupted and won’t overwrite properly?

Before connecting go to configure > certification wizard and show us a screen shot of that… My guess is you tried to create a trusted certificate and that is causing the problem.