Another Hello

Hi all,

My IGN for most games is “Magmick” read as it shows (Mag like in magnet… too often read as mag in magic).
I’m looking to primarily work in the MSS division aiming to captain my own Endeavor, I don’t currently have a primary role for the ship, but I’m happy to fill in roles as required, Bio/Med/Overclocking etc.

Look forward to playing with you all soon.

Hi Magmick,

Welcome to ADI! Versatility is always a good thing in this game, and the Endeavor is a very versatile ship. Looking forward to flying with you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI Magmick!

Greetings Mag, glad to have you onboard with ADI, be looking for you in the ‘verse’

Hello Mag and welcome to ADI, see you in the verse!

Welcome to the org, Magmick! I have a ton of respect for Endeavor owners because those ships are just excellent. There are so many things that you can do with one. If you ever need someone to help crew the ship, I am your man. See you around!

Congrats and welcome to ADI mag. Was really tempted to get an endeavor last anniversary sale. As soon as they can fly, you can count me in as part of your crew.

Welcome to the crew! :slight_smile: