Anno 1800 - 16 players wanted!

We’re trying to see how many folks would be interested in setting up a 16 player Anno 1800 game (4 player teams/4 teams in total) that we would schedule on the weekend. We’ll try to work the schedule as best we can, but I doubt we’ll be able to accommodate everyone’s schedule. But, if this interests you, let us know below so we can get an accurate count of how many we’ll have. We’ll hold a meeting later/post updates for all interested.

If interested, please make a post with the highest expansion (DLC) pack you own and what time in CST for Saturday, Sunday or both days you’d be able to begin at.

I have the game, I like to play games.

Update: Looks like the first season DLC is $25, I would be down to grab that for this purpose. So if this happens, mark me as having those first 3 DLC.

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Recently new to the game…so still in the learning phases. Love the population and supply management aspects. I have all the DLCs up to the current seat of power, if that’s what you mean by expansions. The remainder will come when the rest of Season 2 is rolled out.

I’m up for Sat or Sun evenings…7:30pm to midnight Central.

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I could potentially hop in for this. I’ve played a few games up to around the New World but haven’t gone too much past that point. For content I have Deluxe edition and Season 1 DLC pass.

I’m pretty flexible for times, just need to know when to schedule it for myself.

I have the whole game or something. I am available like I dunno. The weekend or something.

I believe I have all the xpacs, and if not I can get as many as required. I am, however, only available after 10:30 to 10:45 central Saturday and Sunday.

I’d be interested, however I am not available this weekend

Im down as long is its not interfering with my move

For those who are looking to play with the 16 member group, we’re having a meeting this Saturday, 2 May right after the ADI Staff meeting. I’m sorry that I can not give an estimate time wise since the meeting times vary, but I will make a post in the Discord “Game Room” to alert you all, so be on the look out if you’d like to meet with us.

Some of the info we’ll discuss are:
Formation of teams
In game rules
Play times
Fill ins and etc.

Good afternoon! I’m not able to make the Anno 1800 mtg after staff today. Besides, my Saturday evenings are now taken with virtual board games with my kids. I’m going to sit this round out…I’m still VERY new to the game and need more practice not running my cities into ruin and misery before teaming up. :laughing:

Hope you guys have fun!

I just picked up Anno Complete edition. I have D&D at least 1 saturday every month which I could move.

Season 1
Season 2

I can’t make the anno meeting due to RL obligations but I am definitely interested in playing!

Im interested as well. Played cities skyline so looks familiar. I don’t own the game yet