And suddenly there was..... another Introduction post.

Hi, my name is Kelindil, most just call me Kel. (Kelindil is my RL middle name btw.)

I started of playing Castle Wolfenstein on a computer in 90-91, somewhere around there. I have been a gamer ever since.
I played Quake 3 on competitive levels in 2001-2004ish.
Favorite game of all time (I might just be an old man that is reminiscing about old times here) is the Baldur’s Gate series, one and two plus expansions(when expansions actually used to be expansions).
Other then that I have played every possible genera of game there is, I tend to lean towards FPS games and/or games with epic stories to tell, like the Mass Effect series. (I liked ME:A, don’t really see what all the fuzz was about)

I have also played Dungeons & Dragons from the mid 90s and I still play today, mostly with the same people.

Love science, math and science. (yes, I put science in twice)
I am extremely tech savvy. I enjoy talking about and hearing other peoples views and experiences in life.

Was this enough? I honestly don’t know what is relevant or not… I used to be a helicopter pilot until I somehow survived a MC crash at 160kmh/100mph, got a bummed eye now. (well, not good enough for flying but in all other aspects of life, it works just fin).

-Kel out!

Oh, and I am Norwegian, if that matters.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Kelindil!

I am so glad that you decided to join us!

BG/BG2 were amazing games and I would say some of the best RPGs for sure. Did you ever play Planescape Torment?

I did try Planescape Torment, but there was some sort of bug on my computer at the time, I just remember it made it difficult to play, and when I eventual had it fixed, I had lost interest in that game because of all the crashes and whatnots. So I never really got into it.

Wolfenstein was also my first PC game, played aboard the USS Guadacanal in the early 90’s. Welcome aboard.

Hey there Kel and welcome to the ADI family.

It is great to have such an experienced player with us.

I might not know all the games that you do, but I’d love to talk to you about those.
See you on Mumble

Greetings from Switzerland

Hello Kelindil! Welcome to ADI.

I am a long time D&D player and DM as well as Pathfinder and recently am leading a group in Cyberpunk. I look forward to talking to you and flying with you!