And after 8 hours

Turns out there is something called a spacebrake. I thought I was just really bad at judging distance and speed. Explains why I have been slamming into so many things. I actually developed my own spacebraking system which is a 180 turn and slamming down the afterburner. :crazy_face:

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I mean, that’s how it worked irl before we started slapping thursters on every angle. And still kinda do lol

The space brake has saved my ship and cargo many times, mostly trying to get into a Teasa Spaceport hanger.

At least it took you only 8 hours. Took me 3 weeks of playing and cost me 4 death, 5 wings and others 3 different ships (1 person unfortunately had two of those), 3 size two weapons and from the second time I hit a mole - 2 expensive mining lasers and a landing gear leg (before then though we didn’t know landing gear could be damaged and so I count that as a minor win :slight_smile: )

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if you set your speed limiter below your current speed (or all the way to zero). the afterburner will also act as a spacebrake to slow you to that speed or stop you if it at zero.

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