Anachtyr's Introduction

Greetings, friends.

I’m Anachtyr, a newcomer to Star Citizen, and ADI in general.

Decided to join at the recommendation of AyeTeeOne, and am looking forward to being a member of the team.

Hey Anachtyr! Welcome to ADI!

Ayeteeone’s been a rock star! Glad to have you on board!

just like to say welcome aboard and you’re being on boarded now

Hello Anachtyr. Welcome to ADI. It was nice chatting briefly with you today in Mumble.

You’re joining at an exciting time for Star Citizen. With 3.0 right around the corner there will be a lot more to do in the verse. I think you said you were thinking of being a marine. The Fleet Security division is essential to our survival as an org, so you’d be very needed.

Let me know if you have any questions, or just want to fly sometime. I’m happy to be a turret gunner any day.

Welcome to here!

Looking forward to flying with you out in the verse… not ever going to turn away an extra hand or gun when out in the black. Especially a steady one.

Brahk, I’ll remember that you put that offer up as a turret gunner :slight_smile:

Please do. I’m always happy to sit back, relax and blow some ships up. :smiley:

Hi Anachtyr,

It’s good to have you with us here at ADI. As 3.0 comes out we should all have a chance to get to know how to play the game better. I’m glad to hear you heard about the org and joined us. I look forward to getting to know you in the near future. All the best

Welcome Anachtyr, All of us here are willing to help get you up to speed. Just get out in the pu learn as much as you can before 3.0 drops. Try out all the ships, will be sure to offer you any ships I have in my fleet. Ask questions. I recommend watching a star citizen jobs vid, here’s is a link Just a list of what jobs that are coming out.

Welcome Anachtyr, (is that a cross between Anarchy and Martyr? very cool) Glad you could join us and there are loads of us willing to help get you up to speed. It’s funny some of you new guys have a better idea about what SC is gonna be like than some of us older guys because sooo much has changed and it has been hard to keep up with development consistently over the years. Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to jump in any other games with us as well.


Hope you are doing well Anachtyr. I see that you are a newcomer to Star Citizen. I was curious as to what other games/activities you enjoy doing? I myself play PUBG, Rust, League of Legends and many other games while I patiently wait for 3.0. Was curious as to what you are most interested in doing in Star Citizen I am interested in Fleet Security but also Exploration. Can’t wait to have a talk and figure out what brought you to Star Citizen! Hope to fly with you.