Amenthea - New member submission

Good morning/afternoon

My callsign is Amenthea, and I’m pleased to meet you all. I’ve found myself here after a brief foray in Org research, with it quickly becoming apparent that ADI looks to be the place for me.

My background is in Op Flashpoint (Original not remake) than Arma/2/3 and DCS Lock On and Black Shark etc. I’m based in the UK and am a ‘mature’ player being on the wrong side of 30.

Please let me know if you require any further information.

Hi Amenthea,

Welcome to the org! Looks like you have a solid background and will fit right in :slight_smile: Hope to see you around next week (I’m out this week). What type of role are you looking for in Star Citizen? Lots of opportunity right now, just a matter of finding the best fit.

Amenthea, Welcome!

It is good to see new members join. I am recently new. I really hope to work with you on future missions and other adventures!

Silverstash out.


I’ll be honest, I’m more of a diplomat, recon and adventurer type than a dog fighter (although I do have skills in that area, especially on the ground). Once the demo opens up a bit more I can see how best I can put myself to use for the good of the Org.

Welcome Amenthea,

I’m glad you’re joining us. ADI is a great group of people, and based on your game history I’m sure you’ll fit right in. Be sure to hop on mumble and read through the forums to get to know people a bit better. Best wishes to you!

Hi Amenthea,

Welcome to ADI! By the way, there is no wrong side of 30 here! :slight_smile: