Amazing amount of crap in official forums

So I just cruised the official forums seriously and I have to say I can’t believe the amount of false information people are putting out there. Seriously I just read a 2 page thread about PvP and PvE…I don’t remember reading or seeing anything in any videos about either. It’s a space sim which mimicks what reality would be like in that universe. Yes there are NPCs to fill voids that players don’t fill, and alien races, but it can be played however you want.

I’m glad we keep it real here and stay away from bad info.

No kidding. Which I find surprising considering how much the developers talk to the community.

It’s brutal to think that the devs, or CR himself, spend timing reading some of the more crazy stuff

Does make one wonder how many ideas the dev’s get from the theory crafting and speculation that goes on. One of those speculation threads I think I made a statement that it would be interesting to see, when all is said and done, how many game related community ideas really came out of the madness that is General Chat.

“Wise people talk, because they have something to say. Stupid people talk, because they have to say something” -Plato