Hello, I am a new prospecting member, I started playing Star Citizen in 2015 my current hangar consists of the Vanguard Warden, Super Hornet, Sabre Raven, Dragonfly Black and a Constellation Aquila. I hope to fly with all of you in the Verse!

Welcome Akoxol,

It was great doing your onboarding with you. I appreciated the chance to get to know you a little bit more. I look forward flying with you. I hope you find ADI to be as welcoming of a place as I have. Let us know if you have any further questions as you get adjusted here. Be sure to check out our calendar for events, the forums, discord for the latest info.


Welcome to ADI! I’d love to wing up with you anytime, and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of opportunities with the new missions being run every weekend. It’s always great having a wingman so give me a shoutout if you need one.

You have a fantastic hanger, which ship is your favorite and why? What types of gameplay are looking for?

See you around the 'verse!

Welcome, Akoxol! When you get a moment, get onto mumble so that you can get your membership to ADI completed. You’ll find that we’re a friendly and social community and there is usually something going on. We play more than just Star Citizen so feel free to get in on the action. Good luck with your onboarding and hopefully I’ll see you around.

Welcome to ADI, that’s a nice lineup of ships you have there. Glad to have you as a member and nice chatting with you in mumble.

Nice fleet Akoxol! Welcome to ADI! Have you considered what profession(s) you might be interested in pursuing? What aspects of game play interest you the most? If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You’re welcome to PM any of us with blue names any time here or on Discord.

Hi Akoxol,

Welcome to ADI! Let me know if you have any ships you want to try out, there are a few players whao are more than happy to spawn ships for other players to mess around with. Hope to get a chance to talk with you soon.

Welcome to ADI, that is a nice lineup of ships. Well if you ever want to get out and fly whos ships and shoot some pirates look me up on mumble I’m on most evenings. Look forward to flying with you.