Aggressors at SPK


Last night’s secure lock-down of SPK was one for the books.
HammerHead aggressor (with two gunners) attacked Nilen and CombatDave86 without cause, while they were trying to clear their crimestats.
After sending in two scouts, we confirmed target identity and gathered forces. AO was secured for 10K from station.
Aggressor was given one warning & advised to leave. They responded and decided they wanted a fight.
At that point we had enough fighters in system to mount an offensive.

Long-story short - We made quick work of their shields and they decided to leave the area posthaste.
We thanked them for their compliance and proceeded to clearing crimestats uncontested.
While we maintained a secure AO for our members.
The HH was later spotted at Olisar obtaining much needed repairs.
They didn’t bother coming back to SPK.


I bet they haven’t said a word to buddies about how bad they got their asses kicked! Well done and its great to be in a ORG where they watch your 6. RIGHT ON!


Agreed, nice work.