Advice for a gaming PC?

Hey guys, I’ve been gaming on an Acer Aspire ATC-605-UB11 for the past year or so. I can run star citizen at a very low quality but i’m looking for an upgrade. If you have any gaming PC recommendations, please comment them below, thanks.And something under $700 would be nice.

Disclaimer - this is a copy paste that I have used a few times, but it should get us started on the build process.

First question: regarding the screen.

What screen and resolution are you running currently?

Second questions: regarding peripherals

What peripherals do you already own - do you intend to upgrade any of those peripherals - if so what do you intend to replace - what do you intend to re-use. Note peripherals are things like mice / keyboard / head set / etc

Third question: current system

Are there any components on your current computer that you think we could re-use
If you currently only have a laptop the default answer is no
If you currently have a tower, stuff like optical drives, the case, or extra disk drives may be extremely useful at keeping cost down and allocating more of your budget to other more important things

Fourth question: Timing

When do you intend on building your computer - is this something you are looking to do NOW or is it more likely to be Q1 2017 when you start purchasing stuff.

The reason I ask this is because pricing can change a lot over a few months and we want to build out your rig as close to when you want to buy it as possible.

Fifth question: Brand Loyalty

Do you prefer / want to have: NVidia or AMD for a GPU
Do you prefer / want to have: Intel or AMD for a processor

Sixth Question: Use

Is this a purpose built gaming machine or are there other things you intend to use it for (other than internet that is). Do you plan to do video editing, 3D design, rendering, music mixing, etc etc etc?

This should at least get us started!

2.Well I have the keyboard and mouse that came with the Pc, but i plan to get a logitech mouse and keyboard as for a headset, i’ll use a turtle beach X12
3.The 1Tb hard drive, i5 processor and the case.
4.Plan to start building in Q2 2017.
5. Nvidia, intel
6.Just for gaming , and video editing.

Awesome - looks like a good start.

So - normally I would start speccing out a pile of options for you right about now.
However, since you are planning to wait until Q2 2017 - lets hold off for a bit before doing that.

A LOT of new tech is expected to drop in Q1 2017 (new Radeon GPUs, Nvidia 1080ti, new AMD processors, intel Kaby Lake) with even more expected to release in Q2 2017 (Intel Skylake-E / X processors, etc). With this in mind, it is going to drastically change the pricing on a lot of components. Chances are you will get more for your money in 6 months than you will in 2 weeks (assuming you are not prepared for a build on cyber Monday).

Maybe we can re-visit this topic in late Q1 2017, thoughts?

Sounds great, thanks.