Adiclanforum notifications; reality or fantasy?

Greetings. I have an iPhone 8+. I’ve added a link to our forums’ website to my home screen through Safari. Is there a setting somewhere that will allow me to be notified when new topics are posted?

Dont know about iPhone but on macOS it is enough to track the topic.
Click on “Normal” or “Tracking” below the posts and choose “Watching”.
Dont know how iOS handels Safari as background service.

To get new Topics you have to change your forum account settings:
Settings > Preferences > Notifications > Categories“username”/preferences/categories

Here you can add to the tag “Watched” or “Watching First Post” which categories you would like to get notified about.

Hope this helps.

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I found this setting:
Show new / updated topic count on browser icon
Settings > Preferences > Interface

Z3nn found this quick option:

The little button next to the +New Topic button when viewing individual forums such as “General”. If you set it to Watching First Post, you’ll get a notification in the Forum’s whenever a new post is made. It’s not live on your phone, but it’s easy to see new posts when you have a chance.

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