ADI Team Meeting - Friday 8pm CST

I realize this is an hour later than we normally start, but I want to try and give west coasters a hour to get home and get online.

We’re expecting the first stage of RSI’s organization software to be released on Friday morning, sometime during or shortly after Wingman’s Hangar.

I’d like to encourage all of you with a smartphone, to please get signed up between now and then with our free groupme chat channels… it’s a great way to stay informed about stuff going on live…

So, the goals of this meeting are to discuss, these things:

  • Getting everybody signed up in the ADI organization on the RSI website
  • Making sure everybody has a working signature file on both the RSI and ADI forums
  • Making sure anybody who wants is signed up to GroupMe
  • Making sure everybody has the correct access to the ADI forums
  • Identifying recruiters
  • and it’s future

Once we’re done with the short meeting, we’ll end up playing a game (that is free), we’ll make sure details on which game are announced early enough on Friday that you will have time to download it.

If you can make the meeting please post here so we have a head count, if you aren’t going to make it, please post here as well.

Any questions post below.

I am still alive, I will try to attend this meeting. Honestly don’t have the time to get too into SC until its actually playable but once it is Ill be on more than is considered normal lol :sunglasses:

Huzzah! Glad to see you, DropDog.

I’ll be working, so I won’t be there. I’ve accepted the invitation to the Org on RSI.

Grumble Give west coasters a chance to get home… what the reallllllly west coast west coasters? 8:00pm CST is 1pm on Saturday for me :frowning: Means I’m probably having lunch and I won’t be on earlier either cause I’m going to Avicii’s concert on Friday night (my time) and I probs won’t wake up very early lol. I’ll try talk with you guys sometime before the meeting.
Also Jay and HavOk just a heads up school here starts on Tuesday next week and for me it’s my final year so I doubt I’ll be active more than once a week unfortunately. Probably more during the first few weeks cause we never do anything :wink:

Furii out