ADI Represent

I got a star citizen T recently, but have not had a chance to really show it off until today. University orientation week so I was wearing it and the number of people who came and spoke to me because of it was astounding. Told them all law abiding citizens to consider ADI. This is the first encounter I have had with fans in real life so it was quite enjoyable.

I foresee the Australian support base growing.

Good job Pad!

Great job indeed as we need more from down under. Had they heard of ADI?

very nice

Some had before although majority hadn’t even considered orgs.

Ooh! Yes, we need a bigger AUS player base. I loved playing with my AUS team in WoW.

Great Job,

Awesome! I wish I could wear an ADI polo to work… :frowning:


I’m studying Advanced Computer Science so I’ll have a lot of opportunity :stuck_out_tongue:

It is nice when that happens. :slight_smile: