ADI improvement ideas

I am new to ADI but I have noticed somethings I think would help improve us. The improvements are: create videos for each division explaining what they do, create a updated ADI video as the old one is outdated, and lastly create an offical ADI youtube and other social media accounts.

Please consider these things.

I think these are great ideas. Surely we have a YouTuber among us that could put something together?

The videos have been in the works for a while now… we’re still working on them. We already have a YouTube. As far as social media goes: No.



Heads back to Premiere Pro to edit footage

Ok thank you for considering my ideas.

Welcome aboard Ashrex! Good ideas are always welcome, even if they are already underway or ultimately give way to other ones. Thanks!

Personally, I feel waiting until more modules are released would be the best tactic. This would allow for more dynamic and complex video edits setting our image apart from everyone else scrapping anything together that they can.

I agree.

Yup, that is the biggest thing holding us back, in place of people with the time for intricate cryengine work. We are making do with what we have, but some videos are awaiting more CIG content.

I agree with the Youtube utilization, maybe because I’m such a junkie, but it’s a useful tool and there’s a great deal of communicative richness available therein. Google Live events are cool because they’re participatory and easily accessible. Hosting live shows on the ADI channel would be fun. Division leaders could do training, discuss game play, and entich the individual as well as coroporate aspects of the industries personality.

I love that the IN-GAME content of ADI is so solid, without being essentially a farse. I’d identify the main strength with this is the scope of this game (will) allow for a great deal of flexibility and feed-back into RL issues, personalities and interplay. Any medium that allows the veil between the sense of belonging to something fun and a little serious (organized, prescribed roles, a sense of import) to be played with will reinforce the RL participation.