ADI Fan Art

Hi All, I’m spending some downtime playing around with some textures and custom paint on my Gladius. Here are a few shots. I have some more work to do, but wondered if anyone has found some good ship textures out there?

Nice WIP.

Thanks Crue :smiley:


That looks good.
Well I saw today the new AtV episode 3.1 and we could see lot of new clothes we can get in the game (ex. GrimHex) I was thinking about ADI, members would get some clothes with ADI logo on it and in different colors, depending of the division. I think it s a nice idea. :slight_smile:

Long as Commerce and Transport is Either Green and gold, or We get sweet civy clothes like the guy from the freelancer comercial.

I second what northbridge said. :smiley:

green and gold pin stripe suit, there we go … lol

Cool, I am jelly!