Ad Astrum Per Aspera

Greetings to all ADI members!
I am new not only to ADI but to SC as well. I have no idea how I managed to stay ignorant of such an epic project as Star Citizen. I only learned about SC from a YouTube Gamescon 2016 presentation.
Thank you for inviting me to the org. I will do my best to contribute to the team. Having said that, I am quite a busy person, and can be classified as a casual gamer, rather than hard-core. My intention, at least for the near future is be online almost every night for a brief session. … that is until I really get sucked into the 'Verse …
I look forward to flying with you!
Best regards from Chicago!

Welcome AdAstrum, great to have you on board. I too couldn’t believe how I never came across SC until years later. And don’t worry, one thing ADI prides its self on is the ability to promote real life first! I look forward to seeing and playing with you in game whenever you can spare time away from that real life LOL! Also, if you get time, be sure to hop into Mumble from in order to help familiarize your’re self with a few people…I find it helps. Again, great to have you!