AC powered USB Hub for Joystick. Any Recommendations

Hello Guys,
Have been doing a bit of research on Joysticks and I am between Saitek X55 and X52 Pro.

  1. Would like suggestions which one do you guys recommend as the prices are not much apart.

Also I read that there seem to be AC power issues sometimes when connecting the Joystick to USB 2 ports and sometimes not working on USB 3 also.
2) So which USB Hub do you suggest?
USB 3 or USB 2 AC Powered and any suggestions on Brands/models please.

Belkin or any name brand you are comfortable with.

I have one I paid $30.00 for that I am selling with my X52, but I can sell it to you if you want.

USB 2 or USB 3 Hub?
I read many posts and reviews which mention that USB 3 ports have issues with Saitek Joysticks. … 5K6CEJWKZA

That links to a usb 2.0 powered 7 port hub… they also have usb 3.0 versions and 10 port versions that are powered… and if you order it from amazon the org makes a couple of bucks.

Where I find the prootional code to use for funding the Organization with my Amazon purchase?
Can’t seem to find the post.

Also does it include

Check this post

Thanks JayC :slight_smile: