AC 2.0 Goes to live... TODAY (12/11/2015)

I giggled like a school girl, and got a little unnaturally aroused :astonished:

Lol… in all seriousness… they are pushing 2.0 out today… rumor has it at 11P PST.

Source: CR himself;

Go to 1:12:18

And the official announcement on the forums…

forums.robertsspaceindustries.c … sh-to-live

30 GB Patch… currently downloading… Oh my god, I am excited.

Downloading now! Can’t wait to dive in and check out all the new additions!

All I can say is… wow!

Yes there are crashes and bugs… but it’s amazeballs! (Been hanging out with my daughter this week, lol can you tell?) I can get an hour or so in before crashing…

Love the Connie… but really feel like a sitting duck on my own…

Surprisingly, I haven’t run into too many griefers… had my ship stolen twice… Once on the landing pad, and once a crew left me at a comm relay…

yea a pair of padlocks for the door will be great when it’s released :slight_smile:

yea a pair of padlocks for the door will be great when it’s released :slight_smile:

:laughing: Amen to that :slight_smile:

Physics are a little weird trying to eva back into the connie… Easiest I’ve found is the Cutlass (go out the back).

Although you can open the one in the floor and drop through… getting back in, you have to come at an angle… and speed in so when grav hits, you are on the floor… otherwise, it drops you right back out.

Had my best play session to date…

Connie; 3 Comm Relays, 2 Signals, and one SAR pick-up… stop for repair, and returned to Port… No crashes…

Learned whenever ship is damaged to the yellow (basically anything)… its best to just go to the repair facility… getting up I generally drop the floor immediately.

Meh. Tried to get in three times this evening. “Error 4 Server is full.” Finally got in at midnight Eastern and after four consecutive freezes I’m done. After the third time I verified my files and almost made it to my ship before the freeze. Can’t even rage quit because there’s nothing to quit. :mrgreen:

Tell ya what…when i get any type of error… I completely restart the game… I have horrible luck once I receive an error.

How is the access and stability of 2.0 now that it’s live? I’ve decided to take a break from SC until CIG can get their act together; plus with Holidays upcoming I’ll have very limited playtime. … was a good break time anyway.

Its hit or miss Leg…

Have had some really good play sessions… couple hours at least… then other times can’t do anything…

Trying to get into instances with friends is horrible (at least thats been my experience)… 2.1 is supposed to have a better party system… so here’s hoping :slight_smile:

The RSI forums are filled with a thread about people stealing ships, ramming them on the deck… griefers.

How was your experience, Johnny? Did you see any of this?

Some… but, at least in my experience, not nearly as many as the forums would have you believe.

RTV had CR announce the public release of 2.0 and he (CR) followed that up saying they are “planning” to drop 2.1 before the end of the year. Alpha 2.1is supposed to be the party update.

fingers crossed

As for playing, getting into the same instance as friends/org members/etc., its a pain,but possible with some time and refreshing.

It sucks that I’ll be out of town until after the first. I cannot wait to play!!!

So the experience has been getting better… longer play sessions…

Still haven’t run into many griefers… ship stolen only occassionally… honestly I think its on a down swing.

I’d say some backend tweaks are going on… I haven’t had many issues with stability… once I am in, I am in until I log off (in the vast majority of cases at least).