Absence from the org, family loss

Hello all,

Recently I ran into a problem with certs on mumble so I haven’t been able to join but I will attempt to use the post in troubleshooting forum.

Other than that, I lost my brother on 2015/10/14 and have not been on my computer since. Given a little time and I fix mumble I will resume my daily activity with the org…


No worries, real life first. Take your time. Condolences for your brother.

For Mumble, if you lost your cert just use a different name to connect and we’ll get you sorted.

Roger that, thanks.

My Condolences.

There is no question what comes first brother. Take your time and get back again whenever you feel that is about time.

Take care

Rea life first, take your time, we’ll be here when you’re ready to come back.

Sincerest condolences Soul

It says a lot about someone’s character and loyalty when having experienced such a personal loss, they feel a sense of duty to inform their online brothers and sisters of their absence. That earns a lot of respect. May you find peace in this loss to strengthen and endure your own life Soul. Abide.

So sorry for your loss, Soul.

I appreciate all the comments and condolences, I will be resuming my activity with the org soon.