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hi, im LostTheFox, im about i week into Star citizen. i dont really have an idea of what i wanna do in the game but i like space ships, shooting things. so hopefully we can go on bunker mission and fly some multicrue ships!

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@LostTheFox , Welcome aboard ADI. Glad to have you here. If you are looking into getting into bunker running there are always people in the chat on Mumble. Also if you check out the calendar you can see we run Marine Basic Trainings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are a more organized mission running. If you look at one of the postings you can get a better idea of what we do in them.

Look forward to seeing you in the verse soon and getting some rifle time in with you.


Howdy, welcome to ADI, hope to see you in mumble and the verse. They’re are plenty of players who can help with any questions and mumble is a good place to hang out and see what’s going on! Hope to see you in the verse soon.

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Welcome to ADI @LostTheFox !!! If you ever want to get into cargo running hit me up on discord or mumble! See you in the verse!!!

Welcome aboard, LostTheFox! It was wonderful getting to meet you today and I hope to see you in the 'verse!

Welcome to ADI, great to have you on board! SC is way better with friends! See you in the ‘verse!

Hello @LostTheFox and welcome to ADI! Good to have you with us. Suggest spending some time in the Mumble “Chatting” and Discord “org_chat” channels to get oriented. Hope to see you around!

Greetings @LostTheFox! Welcome to the organization, and let me add that it was very cool training alongside you in the CPT last night. Way to dive right in!

always happy to see a new face, if youre into multicrew we sometimes set up some salvage or trade missions fully crewed, so wed love the extra help.