Abduct3d's Introduction

Hello! I am Abduct3d.

I’m a long-time star citizen fan and have watched the game slowly develop over the years into it’s current state checking in here and there to play when something new and exciting has come out. With the upcoming 3.8 update adding the new PU, I’m looking forward to actually starting to play again and saving towards buying ships! I am looking forward to meeting new people here to build connections with and to have a great time playing SC.

My first ship was an Aurora until I upgraded to my Avenger Titan which I am currently trying to improve :slight_smile:
(Tips for parts/components welcome!)


Hey there abducted. Titan is a best in class start for any citizen in the verse and a perfect ship for all beginners to. Welcome to the team I hope to see you in the verse for 3.8

Hi Abduct3d, welcome to ADI, you’ve picked a great time, and place, to start playing SC in earnest. Cole is right, you’ve got a great ship to start your journey into 3.8 with. Ask lots of questions in forums and on Mumble, and we’ll all help out where we can. I’m not that familiar with the Titan, so will leave it for others to recommend loadouts.

Hey @Abduct3d Glad to have you in the Org. It does add some enjoyment to the game after being gone for a time and logging in to find new game mechanics and places to explore. The titan is a good ship to start with. It can handle some fighting plus do smaller cargo runs. There are some guys in this Org that know everything about every weapon that can be equipped. Jump into mumble and start asking questions. Someone will know exactly what size it takes and were to go to buy them.

Welcome to ADI, Abducted. Nice talking with you today, and hope to see you in the 'verse.

Welcome @Abduct3d! You’ve come to the right place to call home and into the Verse at a great time. The Titan is always a solid starting platform for any player and your’re already looking ahead to the future, thats outstanding! See you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI Abducted. I look forward to seeing you in game.

Hello abducted. Welcome in the team and thanks for joining our org. See you in the verse.

Welcome to the team, Abduct3d! I was saving to buy some ships, but then the expo happened and now I’m back to being broke again. Did you pick up any ships this week?

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