A Starship Troopers game??????

Hello everyone! This is DapperDan2012 with a proposal for anyone interested.

I want to preface this by stating that the book Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein is one of my favorite books ever. It was the book that made popular Power Armor (like seen in Halo, Warhammer 40k, etc.) and also the first to introduce orbital drop troopers (like Halo ODSTs). However, the movie by Paul Veerhoven (which is what the vast majority of people who have heard of Starship Troopers think of) was AWFUL! No powered armor, no orbital drop, bad story development, and bad love interest. It was just awful. Also, the two video games of it that I’m aware of were based on that terrible movie, and neither of the games were particularly good either.

A friend of mine and myself want to set it right. We are currently conceptualizing a game for Starship Troopers and have selected Unreal Engine 4 as our platform. Neither of us have extensive programming or business sense, but we would welcome anyone who does. This is not meant to be a full time project, as we only work on it during our spare time. But we would love to get a team going to make this dream into a reality.

As I said, it’s still in the conceptual phases, so things like if it’s going to be a pc, cross-platform, or mobile game haven’t been decided on yet. The overall idea so far is that it will be a turn based tactical game (not unlike XCOM) on a broad level. The M.I. (Mobile Infantry) will be dropped into combat against a horde of Arachnids and possibly Skinnies. Like in the story, the M.I. will be highly skilled and well equipped, but the Bugs will have numbers and underground networks to surprise the M.I. with.

If you are interested in being part of the development of this game at any level, please comment so here. If you have questions, feel free to post them here as well.


Hi DapperDan2012. That sounds REALLY AWESOME!!! Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein has always been my favorite book. And the movies have always been a total disappointment. Reasons why i love the book and hate the movie:

  • Its depiction of its Utopian social society(So i hope that your game shows some story and background because there is plenty to take from)
  • Big grunt suits, or lack there of.
  • A grand sense of scale, or lack there of.
  • jump jets. or lack there of.
  • proper character development or lack there of.
  • A feeling of why the military and its way of operation and structure is important, or lack there of.

I hope you get my point and i hope that if you take on the mantle of trying to make this video game for this master piece of a book, that you include most of these pointers because all of that combine is what makes Starship Troopers my favorite book. If the book only had the combat or only had the background i wouldn’t have been nearly as interested. So i hope you accomplish some of this.

Sadly i cannot give you any help on this project, programming wise or 3D wise other than maybe 3Dprinting you a starship trooper :smiley: other than maybe concept art. Text me if you want me to create some for anything specific concept art and ill give you my best shot at visualizing it :smiley: I hope you succeed where other have failed miserably.

How about this, I can draw a rough sketch of some concepts, and you can help really bring them to life in real artwork to base or efforts on. I am not good at drawing, so your skills would be much appreciated.

What do you think?

Hello there.

The idea you presented was bugging me for the last couple of hours since aside from X-COM, I vaguely remembered playing similar turn-based squad combat game fighting against bugs/aliens . And then it hit me - 1997 game “Incubation: Battle Isle Phase Four”. Quite old but great game when it came to tactic-based combat.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I have very basic knowledge about Starship Troopers universe - haven’t read the book and don’t really remember watching movies so I only know general outline from other sources. I do, however, have programming knowledge and very basic understanding of UE4 so I would gladly help you with this project.

Also, after your short review I want to get my hands on the book and read it.


I first read Starship Troopers about 35 years ago and have probably read it three or four times since. It is also one of my favorites. I love the idea of a video game based on the concept although it seems like there are already a lot of them out there that are very similar.

I’m a software developer by trade and just got my Oculus Rift dk2 and I’m about to learn Unity3d so this all sounds interesting but I don’t know much about turn-based board games having only played Risk, Monopoly, etc. (and Panzer Blitz back in the early 80’s). Do people use virtual reality with these kinds of games? I’m also an iOS developer.


I think VR is more suited for first person perspective, though using it in strategy games with birds-eye view would be quite an interesting concept. I believe Augmented Reality is more appropriate for that but right now most solutions have requirements (specially prepared environment/tiles/board to display it nicely) that don’t make it very practical. We will see how it goes with HoloLens however as it might change a lot.

All of these are great points, a VR strategy game would make one seem like a real sky marshall… but I’m no programmer. It would seem infinitely harder. I’m certainly open to ideas. I also figured that the programming would be easier if we did turn based versus RTS or such. But if we can swing it, it’s worth considering. I just feel that the fps genre is a bit…over done.

But Icarium, your programming knowledge would be welcome as well as your ue4 experience!

As for StellaCivis, I would enjoy having you work with me in story development since you are likely as familiar with the story as I am.

If either of you still want to be a part of it, please send me a private message with your email so we can communicate in earnest. So far I have myself, my friend kirk, and possibly Rascovich on my team.

Does anyone here have experience with 3d rendering on a pc? We will need to actually create the images that Rascovich and I create. Of course we will need testers further down the line. If anyone is interested, please post here that you are.

Personally i would much rather like too see an RTS rather than a turn-based strategy game, but i think that is because i just have bad experiences playing TBS games. I could easily see the game with gameplay a bit like world in conflict. youtube.com/watch?v=fgYh4beLC0A

Basicly an RTS with no basebuildings. The player(s) start the game by choosing a role (Heavy, Light, Support, Space Navy???), then depending on the role have different units to select from. Then with a finite amount of points, can buy these units and have them dropped in on the battlefield at chosen locations. if a unit is lost after some time the points the unit is worth is given back to the player to buy new ones(this however wouldn’t fit very well with the story of the book as in almost all battles described in the book they deploy everything almost immedietly, so maybe a retreat system to allow pickup and redeployment of refreshed troops like described by the book). Performing well allows the player to call in special attacks like missile strikes and bombartments and special units(which does not give back resources if lost) and so forth. The player controls about 5-15 units at once and most units have special abilities like, grenades, scanners, and so forth, plus jump-jet abillity, to relocate like in the book. A unit consists of 4-6 men or one special vehicle/device/commander.

The player wins by killing a certain amount of enemies and/or capturing strategic points/destroying strategic devices/locations/units
And looses if he gets too many of his units killed or if he looses map/mission specific points.

Above is both a description of World in Conflict (with slight changes here and there) and How i would like to see the game.

From what i understand if you’re looking for something to play that draws strongly from Heinlein’s book rather than the crappy unrelated movie i would suggest that take a look at a game called Section 8. I haven’t played it but apparently the creators of the game drew on Heinleins descriptions of power armor for their design.

Also does anyone else here think that HBO should make Stranger in a Strange Land a mini series like game of thrones.

Hi ehrickor. No what er are talking about isn’t what movies or games we wanna watch or play but what game we wanna make. But thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: