A Menace of the Jedi not to the Jedi

Hey guys, relatively new to the verse. Joined SC in August and been enjoying my time here.
After hearing Dora & Hyndrosa wax poetic lyrics about ADI I just had to join.

Right now just taking things casually and learning about the verse.
So far been doing bunker missions, mining and some minor bounty hunting missions.

See you all in the verse and thanks for having me.


Welcome to ADI @Jedi_Menace , hope you enjoy your time with the organization, Also welcome to Star Citizen, Look forward to catching you around the verse.

Good to see you here Jedi! Same with me and joining… the red flash haired devil got me here.

Hi Jedi_Menace and welcome to the org. Ah, Dora and Hyndrosa, I have nothing but “nice” things to say about those two. LOL. But seriously they are awesome org mates. You’ll find a good home here and people here are always willing to help the new player. Hope to see you in the verse!

Welcome. what gameplay are you most interested in?

Very nice to have you @Jedi_Menace. Good game last night and hope to see more of you soon.

Welcome! Hope you’re enjoying your time so far. If you’re interested in learning more keep an eye on the jobs and training section of the forum or the discord channel where all scheduled training is posted. Take the Maine training course to learn how to operate with other marines in ADI or foundations of flight for formation flying and a basic intro to fleet operations.

Welcome to ADI @Jedi_Menace!
I too enjoy some bunker diving as well as chilling in the verse. I definitely hope to see you on the verse. And my the force be with you. :grin:

Jedi-Menace, welcome you are to ADI.

Welcome to party! Quick question, why do you hate Jedis so much?

Welcome to ADI @Jedi_Menace
hope you enjoy your time in the org
i like to run bunker and bounty missions too
looking forward to meeting up in the verse and doing some bunkers together

I like the FPS gameplay and flying is fun but my combat skills are not that great. Since a different flight system is going to be put in place in the future I decided to wait to work on that.

I also like exploring and hope to experience Data Running once that’s put in the game.

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