A great time on the PU tonight

Just a friendly shout out to the large ATI crew in the PU tonight. We had a ton of fun taking over Karesh, exploring the derelict, doing all the comm array and ICC missions, and blowing away a few griefer/pirate players. We even attempted a little formation flying and practiced our brevity. Great flying with you, guys!

And mostly, I just can’t believe we played ~8 hours on the PU without a crash. SC is coming along. :slight_smile:

  • aknight
  • ArctiKHD
  • BlackBoxDemon
  • Daryell
  • Lordtroubl
  • coffee314
  • Caspmik
  • DystopianSnowman

Safe and sound, back at Olisar after a job well done:

WOOOOT! Teamwork! It’s good too see guys, keep up the good work.

I see how you are Lenny…

Oh no!!! Sorry bud. :slight_smile: