A couple questions. Ships mainly.

So im looking at upgrading my ships, mainly trading in my Mustang for a Gladius, and posibly pick up the Hornet (base model) and either the Freelancer MIS, or the Constellation Aquila. Just would like some input from the community on the ships i listed, and also, whats our Discord server. :smiley:

I already have an Avenger fyi.

I like the Avenger from a few patches ago. (not in its current state)

The Hornet is a beast! (my new favorite)

I recommend you Rent (REC) all the ships you can. This will give you a good idea of what you may want to keep.

Currently in this patch 2.4, Everyone is ranting that the Saber is the new Bees Knees.

But the Hornet has been a consistent spacecraft throughout the other patches, so you cannot go wrong with that ship. To add the Super Hornet is a Developer Favorite, so i am sure it will have armor versus the Nerf Bat! I cannot say with 100% certainty that the Saber will not be Nerfed.

But if anyone is in game, i suggest ship swaps, to test other ships that you might not have in your inventory. So if you see me online join in and i could spawn those ships for you.

Thanks for the info, i will definitely test some ships, cant wait for the redeemer omg.

The S.Hornet is my favorite by far however the gladius is a ton of fun to fly. Super important for an interceptor roll.

If you see me on I have a freelancer among other ships, and I would be happy to atleast attempt to pull the ships out that I have so that you can see the flight mechanics etc of each ship.

I can’t fly the Hornet to save my life but easily do well in a Gladius (free weekends/weeks). Go figure. (I don’t have either though.) I do have an Avenger but have not flown this patch.

The Super Hornet is a beast. But, and I know its expensive, if you can secure a Sabre and a hornet you will have the best of both worlds. The Sabre is fast and very lethal at present, but the Hornet can slug it out in close quarters.

It really depends on your play style. I recommend you rent them in REC and race them. Yes Race them. You can really learn a lot about your combat ships flying characteristics from timed trials in a race!