4.- GB ram used over 8 total ram When I pc has 16 in total

I am desperately trying to resolve a problem that affects the partial use of the total number of ram that my pc has.

I have 16 gb of ram but the pc uses only half of it, and reserves the other part in reserve memory.

My ram is new and has no defects, the location of my ram is correct in the slots of my motherboard.

When I go into the BIOS setup I see the number of 16 Ram, so the pc detects the total Ram, but does not use it completely.

Usually when I see this, its one of a few things.

  1. System RAM assigned in BIOS to the integrated GPU. Don’t usually see that in a game system but not impossible.
  2. Bad memory stick or slot
  3. Mismatched memory modules.

The last one is more often the case in my experience. Motherboard chipsets can greatly differ is supported RAM sticks and what mismatched configurations they can accept. Try booting with half, then the other half to see if anything changes. Depending on the results, you can try different sticks and slots in trial-n-error to determine if it is a specific stick, slot, or a mismatch.