3rd Shift gaming

So I just recently got a job that has me working til 2330 CDT…looking for fellow gamers that are up really late for shenanigans. I don’t have any of the newer games yet (i.e. those listed in the Supported Games section)…but I have a few free-to-play multiplayer games available to play. I’ll eventually get fancy and nab BF1 or Ark or (insert cool new game here)…but until then, I’m just looking to kill pixels late at night and talk to my fellow gamers in ADI.

So if you’re up for Heroes of the Storm, LoL, Paladins, Warframe, or maybe even some Borderlands…get a hold of me. If you play something else, lemme know and I’ll join in!

Hop on mumble,m there are people online playing different games and chatting until 2am to 4am CDT everynight.