3.9 PU In-game equipment loss, who else?

I’m curious how many others have experienced out-of-game loss of either personal or ship equipment.

I logged out of SC about 1:30am (Pacific) april 29th, having spent time updating to the new ADI armor standard and having purchased several FPS weapons.

When I logged back into SC around 7pm April 29th,

  • I had none of my heavy armor, of which I had multiple sets. The Samurai set, old ADI set, new ADI set, and some others. I was wearing the ADI set.
  • I had lost all of my undersuits, including the one I was wearing
  • I had some of my Medium armors pieces, most of the chest and arms, none of the legs.
  • I had lost all FPS weapons that were not permanent to my account (Subscriber weapons, etc), including weapons purchased April 29th, except for a single P4 that I had just purchased at PO

As for ship equipment, I did not do an extensive search, but my Prospector had lost its Helix laser.

I did not lose any of my aUEC balance.

At this point, if I request an account reset, what state does it get restored to? The current in-game inventory along with the aUEC?

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yup i lost my RSI medium armor set

Since 3.9 dropped to LIVE there have been a number of database related issues. Contacts, assets, and aUEC randomly disappearing and reappearing in accounts between sessions. Some claim resetting their account returned their stuff only to lose it all on the next session. Note there is a 48 hour cooldown on account resets.

My advice would be take break until they sort it out. What you do now may very likely not matter.

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