3.15 PTU new, higher Cross Section values?

Anyone on the 3.15 PTU have a Carrack and can tell me the new Cross Section emissions value?


I have a carrack expedition, but it fails to copy over to the PTU. Apparently I’m not the only one with that problem.

Maybe a couple folks can pool resources to snag one if everyone else has that same issue?

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I have the same issue with my Carrack. I even deleted and recopied. Missing my Cutty Red loaner too.

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I don’t think any loaners made it to the PTU.

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Carrack is only 44,000, up from 28,300

Here’s what I have so far -

9,000 from ~2000 all 100i Origin Series

18,000 from 3,840 all Freelancers

42,000 from ~24,000 Hercules

40,000 from ~24,000 Caterpillar

36,000 from ~10,000 Retaliator

19,000 from 4,196 Warden

The main takeaway is those who depend on “stealthing out” their ships will need to re-evaluate how effective it actually is. Doesn’t matter how much you lower your EM and IR if your CS is giving you away. Possible it might have some effect on the tracking a missile uses, but I not sure if those are currently implemented for missiles/torps. Orientation of the target also doesn’t seem to affect CS. It might someday, but don’t count on it.

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In 3.15 there are also now two emission values for the IR/CS/EM signatures. I think the second value shows how much another ship (or space station) is masking your ship.

In 3.14 I read that scanner “Pings” double the target emission value but I never got to test this out.

In 3.15 there will be a lot more long range pursuits, interceptions, interdictions and evasions. Top speed, boost pool, acceleration and atmospheric performance are now more critical for these.

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