25% off Google Pixel C - LIMITED TIME

For anyone who’s in the market for a tablet: Google’s offering 25% off a Pixel C (not keyboards or cases, just the tablet itself) if you sign up as a developer - they’ll email you a code that you’ll enter at checkout. One tablet per person, but you don’t actually have to develop anything to get the discount.


Many thanks for this post.

I’m now considering getting one since my Asus Transformer (the old all-metal backed one) is crapping out.

I’m wondering how productivity feels on that thing, since I loved my Chromebook for taking notes (also crapping out).

The keyboard felt pretty nice but I haven’t opened up the tablet itself yet - likely just going to wait until the 64GB I ordered with the discount gets here and return the 32GB in the meantime.

it seems like they are now series to compete with the mid rangers. Also top end brands like Apple and Samsung