2015 8-Bit Salute *Huge update*


Please tune in this Saturday (the 16th) on my twitch channel between 12 noon and 12 noon Sunday. There is a STRONG possiblilty that James Pugh will make an appearance to my stream to play some games!. Just so that is known. :smiley:


Hey everyone I am once again participating in the 8-bit salute fundraising campaign this year for Operation Supply Drop. I want to get a team together to help raise funds to donate to the cause. Being that there are many veterans in the Org I figured some of you would be interested in supporting the current troops in the Stan and other AORs by donating your monies to get games and gaming related stuff.

Each time you donate, it will go towards my goal and also the teams goal. All proceeds go to OSD and not me. All transactions are secure and PayPal is accepted. This is my 2nd year participating.

My fundraising goal is $200 and the team goal is $1000.

NOTE: It is in no way shape or form mandatory to play games for 24 hours, play if you want, don’t play, nor are donations mandatory. You can just watch movies in honor of our men and women serving overseas in those nasty not so nice places.

INFO ON 8-Bit Salute

8-Bit Salute is a gaming initiative created to support our troops by joining together, playing games for 24hrs and collecting donations that wish to support the event. The donations will go to Operation Supply Drop. More info on OSD below.


Basically what Operation Supply Drop does is they send out games, consoles, gear, shirts, controllers, and other video game related items to our troops down range. Being that I have been out there and so has my wife, we know what it means to have entertainment when out away from our families. This will help the time move along faster for them and has been proven to reduce the risk of suicide as it gives them something to do with their fellow men/women at arms.

Let me know if you’re interested in joining my team!

fundraise.operationsupplydrop.o … cid=415088

Join me on Twitch.TV on May 16th at 12PM PST till May 17th 12PM PST! twitch.tv/x_apollo_x

Pre-Emptive May bump! Donate to a good cause we can all relate too!



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