16007 error :(


I am new and was really looking forward to playing with you guys…however I have been unable to log on for a couple of days now and constantly getting the error 16007… I have looked on the RSI pages and found that this is a known problem, with a few fixes in place. I have done each of the steps listed on there right up to and including an account reset, and it’s still the same?

I have resorted to deleting everything and starting again. Hopefully, this will fix it, but I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and managed to fix it?


Hi mate, I’ve never had any issues atall playing this game and I’ve been playing since November. That little ‘fix’ they did a few days ago has knacked me though :slight_smile:
I’m having the same issue as you. Just keep trying, logging out and closing the launcher (fully) then eventually it might work, it has for me but there’s been times when I restart it 6-9 times and just give up.
Issue is now though, when I do login I’m having focusing issues (screen can look blurred) and then yesterday and the day before I could access mobiglass.
It’s frustrating as hell but it’s alpha and I’ve been lucky in past. I imagine you’re foaming having just gotten game but be patient with them, it’ll be with it in long run.
You’re not alone…
But you may as well be as in spave no-one can hear you scream muhahahahahahahahahaahahhahaahahar

https://status.robertsspaceindustries.com/ known issue for euro players as of right now

I’ve had both intermittent 16007 errors and persistent 16007 errors. Intermittent errors were corrected by restarting the game several times. 16k errors that lasted for multiple days without ever letting me get to the main menu were fixed through account reset.

Seems like my issue is fixed…not sure if it happened at RSI, or from all the other things I tried etc… But I’m back on! So will be hitting up the EU servers a bit today and this week!

Thanks for all the replys and such from you good people :slight_smile: It gave me more avenues to go down for a potential fix!


This is CIGs technical support thread for troubleshooting a 16007. Did not see it listed above and if you have not seen it before I recommend you try what it recommends. It has helped me twice in two different ways in fixing this issue for me.

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