1300 pc budget

Building a pc. I’m a noon to pc’s but I prefer Intel over amd. I play games such as TW Wargame and I am sold star citizen. Waiting to blue my pc before I pledge. So help me out guys.

Build focused on processing power and graphics.

i7-4770 Intel Processer
newegg.com/Product/Product.a … 6819116900 $305.00

MSI Ge-force 970 GPU
newegg.com/Product/Product.a … 6814127832 $349.00

G-Skill 2x8GB Memory (16GB total)
newegg.com/Product/Product.a … 6820231627 $100.00

ASUS Motherboard
newegg.com/Product/Product.a … 6813132415 $105.00

Roswill Power Supply 750W
newegg.com/Product/Product.a … 6817182133 $90.00

Roswill ATX Case
newegg.com/Product/Product.a … gnorebbr=1 $70.00

Samsung 840 Pro SSD
newegg.com/Product/Product.a … 0AJ2U45317 $180.00

newegg.com/Product/Product.a … 6822236339 $53.00

CoolerMaster CPU Fan
newegg.com/Product/Product.a … 6835103099 $35.00

Thermal Compound
newegg.com/Product/Product.a … 6835100017 $5.00

Subtotal: $1292.00

Lets not forget one last thing:

Aurora MR Game package
robertsspaceindustries.com/pled … /Aurora-MR $30.00

What you get is a pretty decent gaming PC with performance focused on CPU and Graphics. Its a very competitive build with room for some extras also. You have a healthy 16 GB of ram, and and SSD big enough for your OS and a couple of your favorite games. This should make for a very smooth gaming experience. I included a 1TB HDD for extra applications and to backup the SSD. (you should always backup!) I chose the CPU fan cause I think the stock ones suck and everyone always forgets thermal paste.

There is room for upgrades but not much honestly if you plan on SLI or something like that. The brands are just representative, but I only chose ones that I found reputable and I have had good luck with all of them.

Let us know what you think!

My primary recommendation, try and wait for Broadwell desktop chips to start shipping. If you can’t wait… then here is a good solid build for less than $1300.

CPU i5-4690K $236 - This processor will run faster than the 4770 listed above and costs $70 less.

Gigabyte GTX 970 $350 - I like this model a little bit better with the extra fan

G.SKILL 16GB $120

MSI Gaming3 $120 - Great motherboard for over clocking

Corsair 750w PS $77

Corsair Case $55

Corsaid H80i $88 - You need this to run the K processors IMHO

Seagate 2TB SSHD $3 - These run just 95-97% as fast as SSD’s in real world uses, and you don’t have to waste time managing where software is loaded.

Thermal Compound $3

Case Fans $40 - you can get these cheaper but these have cool LED’s
1x - amzn.to/1RJTuaq
1x - amzn.to/1JlnurN

Sub-total - $1188

This system will play games just as well if not better than the system above. It’s easy to over clock, and get 4.4 to 4.6 gHz out of this proc and motherboard.

If you also need a copy of windows 8.1:

Finally, if you use the links on this page to purchase these items, the org will make about $40 :wink:

Any questions just ask.

The 4690 is defo a better choice. Didn’t even think about it. Idk if I would say its faster, but its basically the same chip for much less. Also the Hybrid is a better alternative for most people. Its a lot cheaper too.

4690K once overclocked should run circles around the 4770… If he really needs HT support, which for a general gaming pc isn’t really needed… the 4790K would be the next best option up.

1st question. USA or not USA? That really effects pricing and recommendations. And makes most of my purchasing advice bunk once VAT gets tossed into the mix. As I’m spoiled with US pricing.

2nd Question. How close are we to a [url]http://www.microcenter.com/[/url]? If close, the CPU/Motherboard deals can’t be beat, but those only exist in store. I’d shy away from anything else sold there, as usually their other part prices tend to be higher than web. So if you start browsing, keep a smartphone handy.

I won’t do much to point out any specific items, since we’ve got two solid builds above, and prices tend to vary.

But I will toss out, Get 2x8GB DIMMS over getting 4GB dimms, and 16GB is the sweet place to be. With DDR3 I pretty much default to Corsair and Crucial, but I’ve got two G.Skill DIMMS ready to go for my in progress build.

Don’t cheap out on the power supply, but don’t go to crazy either. You need to think of how much power you will need and try to keep the power supply around 80% utilization. I’d focus on units made by Seasonic, Delta, Superflower or Sparkle. Read some of the reviews at [url]http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews[/url]. OklahomaWolf’s writing style is a bit interesting, but the content is some good stuff. What you’ll pretty much find is that there is only a few companies making power supplies, but a lot selling them. EVGA is most Seasonic or Superflower for their high end, XFX used to be all Seasonic, etc.

Case are something that is a personal preference. I hate plastic, I hate lights. But keep in mind how much expandability you need and keep in mind how your going to cool it. Also, positive air pressure with filters is the way to go if you want to keep dust down. If you have pets, avoid open top cases without filters. The damn cat lives on top of my wife’s Corsair 300R, and guess where the fur goes… And I have a liking toward Corsair and Silverstone cases, Silverstone for build quality and cooling, and Corsair due to the excellent ability to get parts after the purchase, and the ability use parts from other Corsair cases (I’ve got 800 series grommets in the 300R)

Processors. Hyper-treading is a 10-15% boost at most, and only if the OS and software really uses it. So, most of the time, its not work the premium. the high end i5s will do 90% of the users perfectly fine. Personally, if you are planning on waiting a few months, skip Intel’s 5xxxx Broadwell chips. They really are not much better than Haswell (4xxx chips), unless you want the more powerful IGP, which, if you have a dedicated card, is a bit pointless. Manufactures are already showing off the Z170 series Intel Skylake boards, which I feel would be a smarter choice in the long run, as Intel is switching from the 1150 (Z87, Z97) socket to 1151. Which may give you an upgrade option in a few years. Note, I haven’t upgraded a processor since Pentium 3 days. Its been new builds every 5 years since. Due note, Skylake will mean DDR4, but by the time Skylake hits, DDR4 prices will start to drop, as production ramps up to meet demand. If not, then you can’t go wrong with the 4690k.

Motherboards, Just pick on that suits your needs and price range. I’d been leaning toward Gigabyte boards over the last few years due to the premium ASUS tends to put on the boards and the horrid mounting that there sub $180 boards had. Which i think they got rid of for most of their 9x series boards. Never liked MSI and took by first jump to a ASrock board recently with my Home Theater setup. I tend only buy Intel based NICs (mostly due to its what we have at work), avoid wireless, and do not need much on the ways of storage.

Processor cooling, I’m an Air head, still using the cheap as dirt Cooler Master Hyper 212 with decent results. No its not going to overclock to the moon, but it keeps the current 3770k at 4.0ghz will little drama. I’m not sold on AIO liquid coolers yet, as I worry about longevity and well BYO loops are amazing if done right, but, I’m to damn lazy to put forth the effort to do it right. And yes, you can do it very wrong. You can overclock fine with air and their are some AIO water setups that are worse than Air. So there is a good deal of overlap.

Storage, SSD prices are plummeting, and at some point this year or next will pretty much even out with rotational storage for cost per GB. I’ve never had bad luck with Crucial based SSDs, but I would avoid the new MX200 in sizes smaller than 500GB. Their new drives need some firmware work due to the Dynamic Write Acceleration not being that impressive and not really worth the premium. I’d also avoid the popular Sansung EVO 840, they still don’t have the firmware fixed for those things, and now that the 850 is out, may never bother. The Sandisk Ultra II series is another I’ve had pretty good luck with. Avoid OCZ until they can convince me they fixed their act, and AMD labeled drives are just OCZ re-badges. Rotational? Honestly, WD or Seagate, it doesn’t matter. Buy what ever is cheaper, you’d only be using it for bulk storage and archiving anyway. I’m running 1 512 MX100, 1 256GB MX500 and a 2 TB Western Digital drive, and the 2TB drive is really bored.

Video cards? Big EVGA fan, but I might be picking up an ASUS 970 Turbo SLi for the theater rig. The way I’m doing the cooling in that one, the blower style fan will be much better than a multifan cooler. which exhausts some of the heat back into the case. Louder, yes, but the airflow in and out of the case isn’t grand, so potential of throttling due to heat may annoy me more than the fan does.

If you on a budget and your end resolution is 1080p. Then its really hard to not look at the Nvidia 970, if you have some wiggle room on your power supply and can deal with a hotter card, then the AMD R290 might be a good option. However, I’ve been leery of AMDs drivers, which is why I’ve been defaulting to Team green over the last few builds. If your going to spend a ton of money, then I’d not bother with the 980, just save some pennies and jump to the 980ti.

Keep and eye on both http://www.fatwallet.com and http://www.slickdeals.net forums for sales, and make sure to do the amazon purchases via org.

And when in doubt, just post it here.

The build Jay posted is pretty much the build I’m thinking about minus a few things for my first build.

The only major difference is I was looking at the G5 gaming motherboard instead of the 3 and then I was looking at the MSI or the Gigabyte 970 (Both look so good I can’t choose!). Other more minor differences is I really like the Nzxt H440 and was planning on picking up that bad boy. Also I didn’t know about the hybrid hard drive. I’ll read into that more as it looks like a good combination for a more reasonable price.

I figure a build like this would take me up until SC is actually released and actually allow me to enjoy the game and some others before I build an absolute monster. I would wait like everyone else is saying but the old iMac with bootcamp barely lets me play the game so I need something within the next year. The g3 might be a better option now that I think about it because I’ll probably need to swap that out as well when I upgrade closer to the gam’s actual release.

Windows 7 Home 64-bit Dell edition $64.95 productquest4less.com/window … 4-bit.html
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit Dell Edition $71.95 productquest4less.com/micros … anded.html
This is what I did then you can get rid of the Dell logos from deleting them in the C:\windows\system32\OEM folder. Then reserve your Windows 10. Makes it a little bit cheaper :mrgreen:

Lol my maaann. (Denzel voice) but thanks, all of you.

I would probably go with a few alternative parts myself. Please do not take this as an insult for pasting your build in JayC, I Just Wanted to keep a comparison.

CPU Xeon E3-1241 $264.49 - TigerDirect/Amazon price - Will run a bit faster for a slightly larger price tag, and you will not be able to overclock, but StarCitizen takes advantage of multithreading so you will immediately see an additional 15%+ increase in performance over the i5-4690K, with less Wattage and Thermal Creation.

Gigabyte GTX 970 $350 - This is fine. If you want cheaper you can usually pickup a EVGA, if you want better performance pickup a ASUS. All of the models should play all games comfortably.

G.SKILL 16GB $120 - Good choice, might be able to find cheaper, make sure you install in dual channel. Can upgrade to higher mhz and lower latency with included mobo.

Mobo Asus Z97-E $121.99 + $20 rebate card. Great overclocking of RAM up to 3200mhz and much better warranty through Asus. Asus also has pretty good software

Corsair 750w PS $77 - You don’t quite need that much wattage with the current build but this leaves you room to grow with a second video card eventually.

Corsair Case $55 - not going to choose your case for you that’s all about preference, make sure it has a lot of 120mm slots from brands like Corsair and Antec.

Corsair H60 Liquid Cool $69.99 - For this chip find the cheapest liquid cooler you can (from name brands ofc)

Seagate 2TB SSHD $99.99 - These run just 95-97% as fast as SSD’s in real world uses, and you don’t have to waste time managing where software is loaded.

Thermal Compound $3

Case Fans $20 - you can get these cheaper but these have cool LED’s - Featured are much cheaper and with LEDs, buy what you need (2 or more 120mm)

Sub-total - $1180 before windows. Scour ebay for keys and the cd seperately and you’ll save a lot of money. Make sure you buy from a very trusted source.

If you also need a copy of windows 8.1:

I will sell you a Windows 7 professional key for $50. But for gaming I suggest 8.1 due to a much more efficient back end to the operating system.

And for all amazon purchases, create and instance in your browser from one of the links from this page and ADI will get 5-7%

You’re not going to see any performance increase with a E3-1241, the addition performance of the HT threads will be offset by the overclocking of the 4690K.

There is just no proof that HT has any real impact on Star Citizen yet… they could get to that point, but I seriously doubt it. If they do, the 4790K would be the better buy.