1,000,000 Citizens!

Christ Roberts sent us a little gift:
robertsspaceindustries.com/comm … e-Chairman

Big fan of Gary’s. Good to see him.

Also a big fan, thanks for sharing that info here

You are welcome!

Does this mean the AC pass will be consumed for 5000 UEC? or do I get 5000 UEC and 5 store credit?

Clarified in this thread: forums.robertsspaceindustries.c … es-and-uec

Star Citizen Cast:
imdb.com/title/tt4156346/ful … cl_sm#cast

Thanks, b1naryc0de, that was helpful!


Already melted mine. Have access to AC in the PTU.

You can let Torrent convert your AC pass to 5000 UEC if you prefer.

Thanks b1naryc0de and Legatin! That made it crystal clear! Imo that was the best solution. 5$ in store credit will come in handy! ^^